plumber in brittany

plumber in brittany

electrician in brittany

electrician in brittany

electrician in brittany
With 23 years of experience Mike Derby was also trained in France and has accumulated years of working with the French systems across Brittany as an electrician and plumber.

"It is my pleasure to recommend Catch 22 Services. You have done an excellent job for me. You were always very pleasant and helpful. Mike turned up when he said he would and on time and i found him to be very hardworking.
I found both Mike and Pam both to be very genuine people, and would definately use Catch 22 Services again, and would not hesitate to recommend them to other people" Ian Macaulay

"We've had an extension built, and had Mike Derby do all the electrics and plumbing.. A great job done" Mutley (angloINFO)

"Try Catch 22 Services. Electrician and Plumber based near Dinan covering departments 22, 35 and 56. Free estimates. Mike does a fantastic job, turns up when he says he will and works hard. Highly recommended" Maxonian (AngloINFO)

"I have Catch 22 Services back again for new work in January -therefore my cunning plan worked! I made Mike coffee, and more coffee, whilst he slaved away doing one heck of an impressive job not so long ago to try and earn myself brownie points to entice him back, and ensure that Pam knew he was being looked after" Ali35 (Brittany Friends)

"To us electrical and plumbing work was crucial, here's our recommendation: Catch 22 Services has now completed our work bang on time and in full."  Alison35 (AngloINFO)

"backs up everything I said about them and if you need after service that's not a problem for Mike. Mike took on the heating system and electrics, there are problems with the heating which ARE NOT of Mike's making (previous artisan...ha!) and he is trying his damnest to sort it out for us. Catch 22 are good.
Bob and Val (Brittany Friends)

" Because they are terribly good. I cannot recommend that you call Pam or Mike at catch 22 because Mike has just completed phase I of our little project and now we would like him back to complete phases II and III, so I will not recommend them until February 2008 because we would like to see Mike back in January doing the next jobs as brilliantly as he did the first and we don't want him busy elsewhere - so there"
Alison 35 Brittany Friends

Mike has picked up the plumbing and Electrics after we were left high and dry. I can say with hand on heart that this is an ********* of a job for anyone but Mike has tackled it like a true professional ..........Highly recommended. Fully insured as well, not like many out there who claim to be"
Bob and Val (Brittany Friends)

"I would recommend catch 22 Services to anybody -mike Derby is a reliable, trustworthy and able electrician whose services I have used on many occasions. If at all possible he will put himself out to help someone in an emergency and will carry out the work required with the minimum of fuss. I would also say that his charges are more than reasonable."
Mel Davies - Home away from Home Property Services

"We found Mike and Pam via the web. When I phoned, they were really friendly and although busy, managed to help us out of a jam when the time broke on the hot water clock. Living in England we are not always able to drop everything and sort out problems as they arise with our lovely French house. Having someone who is English means that there is no language barrier, and work seems to get done that bit quicker. When we visit France again, we are looking forward to meeting the people who have saved us."
Crispin Holmes (Sevignac)

"We would like to record our thanks to Mike and Pam of Catch 22 Services for the excellent work they carried out on the installation of new electrics and plumbing during the refurbishment of our home during 2005 to 2007. The work consisted of removal of an old fuel fired boiler and radiators, installation of a new electrical central heating system, new lighting and socket outlets to all areas, new plumbing in the kitchen and bathroom, fitting of a shower cubicle, toilet and vanity units. The work was carried out to the safety regulations required by French authorities and to a fixed estimate and programme which was met, any snagging items that arose post completion were quickly and efficiently dealt with. We have no qualms over recommending catch 22 Services to any customers of the company contemplating large or small scale refurbishment work to Electrical or plumbing installations."
Geoff and Jenny Wanley (Sevignac)

"We have always received a prompt and efficient service from Mike and Pam Derby and have been pleased with the work carried out by Mike. Pam has been particularly helpful in recommending others to us for a variety of different services as it can be difficult maintaining a property from the other side of the Channel"
Clare and Gareth David

"Having bought a farmhouse in Brittany several years ao now, we were very pleased to find catch 22 Services who have been able to carry out electrical rewiring we needed. Pam and Mike are a very friendly couple and they have been very efficient in all they have done for us. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend their services."
Nichola Thomas (Muel)

"Big plug for Mike and Pam, Catch 22 Services. We've had different problems with 2 seperate ballons and hot water. 1 Ballon at home wouldn't work on cheap rate electricity and 1 ballon somewhere else wasn't coping.
Big thanks to Mike and Pam for coming to the rescue and sorting both out -fantastic -big thank you."
Brit Serve

"I can also recommend Catch 22 Services, references if you want them"
Michael Cheater

"I would highly recommend Mike and Pam from Catch 22 Services. Mike does an excellent job at reasonable prices and turns up when he says he will."

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